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Ode to Glocca Morra
by Kristofer Szasz
17 October 2006
After staying in Dublin for nearly a week
traffic frustrating, it was holiday I seek.
I headed west 'cross this great Ireland
to see what could be seen, indeed was the plan.
I travelled peninsula, mountain and sea,
& enchanting forests of unbelievable greens.
Warm welcoming women and mouth watering grub
in one of two speeds:  "slow, and stop at the pub."
Tasting traditions, black pudding and white,
and learning the language for fecking gobshite!
I stayed many places, I met many faces
some deserve cheering and some were disgraces.
When staying in Ireland, be sure do it right-
forget the hotels, book a B&B for the night.
And of all of the places you could wake up tomorra'
the Sweetest of Dreams see at Glocca Morra!