Glocca Morra B&B
to Tuamgraney and Killaloe Loop
Bike Ride Description:

Starting at Glocca Morra B&B in County Clare, turn left out of the drive towards Scarriff. Two km on the
right hand side you will come to the first of several lookout points. Here you can see Holy Island in the
distance and also the shorelines of Scarriff and Mountshannon.  Continue on this road to the town of
Tuamgraney where the East Clare Heritage Centre is located in what is probably the oldest church in
Ireland still in use.  At the junction ahead, turn right onto the R352 around the grotto and turn right again on
the R463 to retrace your way to Killaloe.  There's a fork in the road after 2km.  Turn right onto this fork to
follow the road behind Caher Mountain and to avoid the traffic of the main Killaloe Road.  Follow this road
back to the R463.  Turn right in the direction of Killaloe and continue on to Two Mile Gate where you can
relax at the picturesque shoreline of Lough Derg with the Swans and Ducks.  Continue on to Killaloe and
on the left hand side you will see a sign for Brian Boru's ring fort.  This is a lovely serene ring fort that has
been dated to the time of King Brian Boru’s reign.  Continue on to Killaloe where you may want to explore
the twin towns of Killaloe/Ballina and walk along the canal built as a passage for boats around the 13 arch
bridge before the hydroelectric scheme flooded the area in 1929.  Be sure to check out the Brian Boru
Heritage Centre to learn about the history of Killaloe and Ireland's greatest High King, Brian Boru.  Head
back on the R463 in the direction of Scarriff and stay on the main road through the village of Ogonnelloe
and you will see
Glocca Morra B&B on your left hand side.  
Distance: 30.4km
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